A1 SELT - English test for Family Partner (spouse) and Family Parent £195

You must take your A1 SELT test at an APPROVED SELT CENTRE.  Select your nearest LanguageCert centre below to book your test.  Also you can book your test by phone by calling us on 0333 360 1045

You must pass a Secure English Language Test (SELT) in at least CEFR level A1 in Speaking and Listening for:

  • Further Leave to Remain
  • Family partner
  • Family parent
  • Representative of an Overseas Business visa
  • Sportsperson visa T2

How to book your SELT test

Key Features

  • FORMAT Online interview with a live interlocutor from our test point. 
  • SELT SCORE Speaking & Listening 60/100 
  • TEST REPORT Issued 3 business days after the exam
  • Duration 8-9 Minutes


Part 1
Personal information: respond to questions on familiar matters

Part 2
Situational role play: initiate and respond appropriately to social situations

Part 3
Exchanging information: exchange information on a given image/set of images

Part 4a
Listen and respond: answer questions on a short monologue delivered by the interlocutor

Part 4b

Long turn: deliver a short, uninterrupted talk on a relevant topic provided by the interlocutor

How to prepare for your test

Once booked and paid we will send you all the learning guidance required for you to prepare for your test.  You can also contact us to have a practice test at no extra cost.



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